Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here we go!

As we come back for a new school year, hopefully reenergized and excited about the possibilities, I have a message for you.  It isn't "Here we go again" but simply "Here we go!"  Let's make this year different than all the rest.  Let's not just do the same thing for another year.  Don't dig out the same files you've used for years.  Pitch them.  Don't teach the same class you've taught before.  Use that beginning-of-the-year energy and excitement to learn something your students need you to learn, and commit to trying it-even if it means you fail miserably.

Let's talk about that failure part.  Many of you don't try to use technology with students because of it.  You're afraid to fail.  Why?  As teachers, we all know that failure is a part of the learning process.  How many times during the year do you tell your students that failure leads to success?  Here is your opportunity to model it.  Fail.  Fail right in front of them.  It isn't a waste of time.  Your students will see first hand that it's OK to try and fail, and when you try again the next day, that it won't make you give up.

I'm here to help.  I am here for you and your students  in every part of the process, from looking at your curriculum and finding the best tools to use, surveying your students' interests to help with differentiating instruction and which tools your students may want to use, teaching you how to use the tools you select, modeling the use of the tools with your students, and helping you evaluate the entire process for tweaking the next time.

It's a new year.  Make it the best one ever for your students.

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