Friday, May 13, 2011


As the state of Kansas gets closer to finalizing a budget, it is becoming clearer exactly how much public education stands to lose this time around.  An article today in the Salina Journal quoted Governor Sam Brownback calling the budget "a victory" for Kansas, because no taxes were raised in the effort to reduce spending and cut back the budget shortfall.

How can we as a society collectively complain about the state of the education system while simultaneously removing the resources necessary to even maintain the status quo, let alone make improvements of any kind?  How can we take money from our children to pay for mistakes made by the richest Americans and call that a victory?

Let's be real here, Governor.  This so-called victory is a sham; an irresponsible attempt at leadership by those put in (or kept in) office on promises to tight-fisted Americans who are tired of seeing their money taken from them.  Who is really to blame?  Who should pay for the problems we have in our economy?  Leaders should be making the tough choices to right the ship and prevent this kind of bloated money mongering from causing a global economic downturn in the future.  Instead, they take money from kids like a playground bully while CEO's salaires were again at record highs last year.

Big pats on the back all around, guys.  Nice "victory".

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  1. Unfortunately, there have been several of these kind of victories throughout the US.